Prem Kishor Mishra - Varanasi Ras

Text: Laurent Aubert
1 CD Ethnomad ARN 6444, 2004

The four musicians featured on this album all belong to the large Mishra family of Benares, a clan of Brahmans who have been devoted to music and dance for generations.  The repertoire performed by Prem and the accompanying musicians demonstrates the Benares style, which is a repertoire particularly rich in compositions that are “semi-classical” and rhythms that are strongly influenced by kathak dance.

"The material is clearly in the musicians' blood and all the tracks are beautifully performed." (Songlines)

‘With his silky and warm voice, Prem Kishor Mishra performs 11 pieces that are all stamped  with a deep devotional and romantic character that radiates languor and emotions in all directions " (Ethnotempos)

**** - Songlines



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