The festival Musics in exile celebrates the country of origins as well as the host coutry. Beyond the suffering, the exile can reveals itself fruitful. "Exile" represents a land of memories and desires that the music knows to animate.


Provisory pogramme

Mercredi 27 février, MEG - 20h30

Dimitris Mystakidis, Amerika

Jeudi 28 février, Alhambra - 20h30

Double concert

- Ibrahim Keivo, solo

- Aïda Nosrat (voix, violon) et Babak Amir Mobasher (guitare)

Vendredi 1er mars, Alhambra - 20h30

Double concert

- Quinteto Acústico Venezolano

- Venezuelan Roots

Samedi 2 mars, Alhambra

Emidy project 


Tribute to Mandela - Diwele Lubi (danse), Mabeleng Moholo (multiples instruments)

Wednesday 6 march, Centre des Arts, 20h30

Ensemble Kaboul


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