Friday 16 March - 21h30


Qawwâlî, Music from Pakistan

The Aftâb ensemble was born out of a series of encounters between the multi-instrumentalist Fady Zakar and the captivating singer, Shuaib Mushtaq, who was initiated at a very young age into the qawwâlî tradition. Shuaib’s two brothers, a talented tabla player, an indispensable second voice, and a travelling musician complete the line-up.

"Two travelling musicians, carrying festive Afghan melodies on their rubâb and sarangi, make their way – like the silk merchants of yesteryear or pilgrims en route for the Mughal’s famous mausoleums – from the highest peaks of Hazarajat to Lahore, where devotional Sufi qawwali songs and subtle khyals ring out. With instrumental inventiveness and warm, golden voices, Aftâb goes back in time to the Indus."

Shuaib Mushtaq : chant lead, harmonium
Fady Zakar : rubâb, alghoza, tamburag
Hubaib Mushtaq : chant
Ioannis Kasaras : sindhi sarangi, tamburag
Behlole Mushtaq : tabla, dhaama

Prix des places : 20.-
Adhérents ADEM et AMR, étudiants, apprentis, chômeurs, AVS : 15.-
Carte 20 ans/20 francs : 12.-
Renseignements : tél. 022 716 56 30
Prélocation et billetterie en ligne : AMR, 10 rue des Alpes


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