with Carmen LEDESMA and Eva LUISA
accompanied by Etienne Mayerat and Melchior Campos

Beginner ; Beginner 2 ; Intermediate ; Advanced (4 workshops)

Carmen Ledesma was born in Seville.  She has worked in famous dance companies and with important artists such as Camaron de la Isla, Tomatito and Aurora Vargas.  Her style is distinctly Gypsy and she is known for her technique, expression and power.

Eva Luisa trained in Seville before founding Cie Luisa in her home town of Nimes.  Her style combines emotion, grace and strength. As a teacher, she knows how to explain the subtleties of the dance to students of any level.

Beginner classes are for students with little (< 1 year) or no flamenco dance training, and will focus on basic technique and steps.  The intermediate level is for those who have 3 years of flamenco experience and will focus on a particular dance accompanied by musicians.

Timetable and places :
Beginner : 12h - 13h 50 / Encore-en-corps
Beginner 2 : 18h -19h50 / Dance area
Intermediate : 18h - 19h50 / Encore-en-corps
Advanced : 20h10 - 22h / Dance area

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