Bharat Natyam

With Sujatha Venkatesh

Bharat Natyam

The Bharata Natyam is a dance style that dates back 2000 years and originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Composed of a rich language of codified hand gestures, body movements, facial expressions and complex footwork, it is today one of the most popular Indian dance forms in the world.

It can only be transmitted through active practice, which preserves the essence, beauty and spirituality of this style of dance. Composed of rhythms, music, dance and mime, the Bharata Natyam is a dynamic form of yoga that allows you to soak up calm and self-confidence.

In the philosophy of the Omkara school, the Bharata Natyam is much more than dance steps and expressive gestures: It is an inner discovery thanks to a body dynamics and the use of space. Feeling joy through a synchronization of the mind and body, a sense of peace of mind through discipline, preparation and training, and the certainty of to obtain through regular practice the manifestation of inner peace and abundant joy - these powerful tools allow dancers to achieve professional development and complete mastery of their art.

Beginner classes:     

  • A thorough and complete introduction to this superb art form of South India.     
  • Learning body dynamics and use of space and familiarization with Bharata Natyam's alphabet (adavus), with simple movements of limbs (bhedas) and hand gestures (mudras).

Sujatha Venkatesh, Artistic Director of the Omkara School of Indian Dance, has been teaching, training, creating and choreographing shows since 1987 in Geneva. It was with the famous masters Sri US Krishna Rao and Smt Chandrabhaga Devi and later Smt Narmada Rao that she completed her training in Bharata Natyam.

Today, Sujatha maintains a strong presence on the classical dance scene in Bangalore through collaboration with renowned musicians and dance colleagues. Sujatha draws his teaching in the Pandanallur style of Bharata Natyam, which has its roots in the Tanjore Quartet, thanks to the teachings of the masters of Sujatha, Sri US Krishna Rao and Smt Chandrabahga Devi, and Smt Narmada Rao who received their Sri formation Meenakshisundaram Pillai and Sri Kittappa Pillai (direct descendants of the Tanjore Quartet).

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