Greek Dance

With Pantelis Vervatidis

Pantelis taught for several years at the l’Association Hellénique de Genève, at the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie and the Communauté Hellénique de Genève. He continues to give classes at C.H.E.F in Geneva.

Pantelis regularly runs Greek dance

Pantelis Vervatidis was born in Athens and traces his roots back to Asia Minor on his father’s side and to Magna (Peloponnese) on his mother’s side. He began dancing in Athens at the age of 14, before touring Greece and other countries with various dance groups. He also participated in numerous village festivals (panygiria).

In 1989, Pantelis put together the Greek dance group Daphni in Geneva, followed by the Geneva branch of C.H.E.F or Centre Hellénique d’Etudes du Folklore d’Athènes (Hellenic Studies of Athenian Folklore).




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