Afro-Cuban Dance

With Reinaldo “Flecha” Delgado

La Rumba

The dances of Cuban Rumba are rich in variety: La Columbia is considered to be a very ancient type of rumba, which developed from the rhythms of Abakua rituals. In theory, the dance involves a single male dancer. It entails acrobatic figures that attest to masculine courage.

Le Xambu is a rumba with a slow tempo, where the dancers imitate the movements of elderly people.

Le Guaguanco is a dance of courtship and a game of seduction with erotic overtones. A man and a woman alternately attract and then repel each other with sensual grace.

Reinaldo “Flecha” Delgado is a dancer, percussionist and singer, as well as a musician in Lazaro Ross’ Olorun.  He is also a teacher of Afro-Cuban dances at Cuba’s National School of Art and a dancer in the Raices Profundas troop from Havana.

Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - 44, rue des Maraîchers - 1205 Genève
Friday, from 6 to 7.30 pm - Starting in January 2018
40 frs / lesson

Reinaldo "Flecha" Delgado : Tél ou SMS : 076.413.74.86 - Mail :



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