L'art de la transe

With Claudia Heinle

The art of trance is based on experimentation and training in time-honoured physical techniques, which allow our beings to attain, through specific movements and the appropriate breathing, the experience of a new vibration. This experience brings with it a sense of letting go, peace and joy. 

It is a path, a movement, that bring us closer to our soul.

This workshop is for anybody who is curious – women and men, of all ages and beliefs. Caroline Chevat accompanies the sessions on percussion.

A consummate professional and experienced pedagogue with loads of enthusiasm, Claudia Heinle has been sharing her passion for Egyptian dance and culture for thirty years. She has been attracted to the sources of Sufism since the very beginning of her career. In 2015 she made her dream came true by sharing in a trance/meditative experience with the Naqshband brotherhood.

For the last five years, she has been editing a book on the danced movement of Egypt, from the pharaohs to our times.

Claudia is an independent artist who does not belong to any specific group or religion.

ADEM Maraichers - 44, rue des Maraichers - 1205 Genève

On Saturdays  from 12 :00 to 13 :45

Dates 2018-2019 :

September, 22 ;  October, 13  ; November, 10  ; December, 1  ; January, 19  ; February 9  ; March, 2  ; April, 6  ; May, 4 ; June, 1 

420 CHF / 840 CHF (ateliers + certificat)
Adhésion obligatoire aux adems : 50 CHF

Caroline Chevat  : Phone +33.674 36 26 97

Mail :



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