Daff - Tahtib

With Caroline Chevat

The daff is a frame drum that has been used in numerous rituals since the beginning of time – so much so that it is part of a universal language. Its infinite sounds and spectrum of tones links the listener or player to a subtle universe that affects the emotions.

In her monthly workshops Caroline Chevat offers you the chance to discover the language of the daff by looking at different strikes and Eastern rhythms, but especially through encouraging complicity between the instrument and the player.

Caroline Chevat began her music apprenticeship at the age of three, the piano at age six, then the violin and guitar. Caroline was born in Lyon in 1974 and began her long and exacting training in Egyptian dance and music in 1996, when a life-changing encounter with the Egyptian percussion instrumentalist Ibrahim el Minyawi opened new doors for her. Under his tutelage, she began a long apprenticeship in the Eastern tradition and she slowly perfected her playing of the darabuka and daff. She explored the infinite riches of Egyptian rhythms with hunger and developed her precision and quality of sound to the level of a ‘true’ player.

After ten years of studies, Caroline received the title ‘tabla player’ from el Minyawi. In 2010, she joined the Street Melody trio, bringing her Eastern repertoire and musicality to the mix. Caroline is the percussionist in the dance companies Tzigana (Spain), Al Fajr (France and As Sayef (Sweden).

She is a percussionist, teacher and certified dancer. Having taught for fifteen years, she travels across Europe sharing her passion and professionalism.

ADEM Maraichers - 44, rue des Maraichers - 1205 Genève

Monthly - On Saturdays
Next dates  :
  2019 :  1 juin ; 7 septembre, 5 octobre ; 2 novembre ; 7 décembre

Schedules :

11:00 /12:15 : Yoga pharaonique

12:15/13:45 : Tahtib - l'art du bâton
15:00 /16:30 : L'art de la transe (avec Claudia Heinle)
16:30 / 17:45 : Daff

1 atelier yoga ou daff : 350 CHF (atelier) / 840 CHF (atelier + certificat)
☐ 1 atelier tahtib ou transe : 420 CHF (ateliers / 840 CHF (ateliers + certificat)
☐ 2 ateliers : 10% de réduction par atelier
☐ 3 ateliers : 15% de réduction par atelier
☐ une journée : 140CHF
Adhésion obligatoire aux adems : 50CHF

Caroline Chevat  : Tél: +33.6.74362697

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