Hungarian dances - Children from 8 years

With Pannonia

The Pannonia Ensemble is group of dancers full of passion for the authentic village dances of the different regions of Hungary and Transylvania : couple’s dances, solos for men, women’s round dances, songs, shouts and improvisations. An heritage collected by researchers in the villages and tought to a wide public since the seventies.

The group has dancers of all levels, a rich array of cultural backgrounds and differents ages. Pannonia is active in the cultural life of the Geneva area and regularly performs at festivals, shows or parties and organizes “táncház” or “dance-houses” : dance evenings with demonstrations and teaching.

Pannonia organise his yearly Party on 1st November. Download the flyer

ADEM 2 : 44, rue des Maraîchers - 1204 Genève
Tuesday from 6.30 to 8 pm
260 frs by year. Discount for second child of the same family : 200 frs

Andrea Ferencz : Email :

Phone : 079 661 69 02



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