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With Sankoum Cissokho

The instrument

The traditional kora belongs to the African harp family. Of Mandinka origin, we find the first traces of it in fifteenth century Sahelian Africa.

Its resonance box consists of cow skin stretched over a half gourd. 21 strings made of animal innards are attached to a long stick that stretches the length of this gourd. Two wooden stems are in turn attached to the gourd and to the stick, thus allowing the musicians to hold the instrument with three fingers, leaving the thumbs and index fingers free to play.

Sankoum is member of the band "Agua Bendita". Next concert on 30th March in Geneva.

Sankoum Cissokho was born into a family of griots (bards) in Dakar, Senegal. He learnt the kora from his father, Bacary Cissokho, and has practiced since his childhood. His great mastery of the instrument and his creativity allow him to play traditional pieces, as well as reggae or salsa. His playing reflects a great sensitivity, depth and spirit.

Sankoum participated in Ninki-Nanka’s tour of Gambia in 2000. He has played for both the King of Algeria and the King of Morocco, and toured China in 2008. He accompanied the Sillaba de Thiaroye ballet, which he directed in collaboration with his brother Moussa and sister Sira. He has participated several times in the annual Festival du conte et de la parole that takes place in Senegal. In 2007, he participated in the Kay Fecc festival in Dakar. He has also worked with numerous artists.

Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - 10, rue de Montbrillant - 1201 Genève or at home

Saturday : from 9-10 am or from 10-11 am or on request

Workshop on 12 & 13 April : flyer

private lesson : 70 frs ; group lesson (from 3 students) : 40 frs

Sankoum Cissokho - Tél. : 077 492 84 77


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