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Dances from Peru


With Gladys Ybaragüen

Peruvian dance is the result of several  vibrant cultural encounters; Incan, Spanish and African traditions have all combined and this melange has ripened over the centuries.

L'art de la transe


With Claudia Heinle

The art of trance is based on experimentation and training in time-honoured physical techniques, which allow our beings to attain, through specific movements and the appropriate breathing, the experience of a new vibration.

Bharat Natyam


With Sujatha Venkatesh

Bharat Natyam is the most ancient style of traditional dance in India. It is a difficult and complex dance, in which each movement of the body (abhinaya) and each hand gesture (mudra) holds symbolic meaning. What appears to be so fluid, graceful and easy demands lengthy training and daily practice.

Traditional Dances of Hungary and Transylvania


With Pannonia

Hungary has a rich inventory of traditional music that is respected well beyond its own borders. The dances are varied and are taught to a large public of all ages during workshops or live music dance evenings (tanchaz), which is another Hungarian tradition. Bal and concert June 27th

Soufi dance


WIth Rana Gorgani

This course, based on the Sufi tradition of whirling dance, is accessible to all. The class starts with a listening meditation that offers better understanding of Samâ, which means spiritual listening.

Salsa and Columbian dances


With Milena Cardona

The aim of this class is to learn to free up your body to the sounds of tropical music

Greek Dance


With Pantelis Vervatidis

Pantelis taught for several years at the l’Association Hellénique de Genève C.H.E.F., at the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie and the Communauté Hellénique de Genève. He continues to give classes at C.H.E.F in Geneva.

Pizzica Pizzica, Tammurriate, Calabrese, Siciliane - South Italian


With Katia Romano

This monthly workshop will teach you the many differents percussions and dances from South Italy.

Bollywood dances / Kalbelya Dance from Rajasthan


With Maya Quiminal

This 2 classes focuses on two dances: One is dedicated to the gypsy dances :  Kalbelya of Rajasthan and the other to Bollywood dances.

Bulgarian Folk Dances


With Dimitar Bogdanov

The specific rhythms including asymmetrical measures (5/8, 7/8. 9/8, etc.) and the variety of melodies and dances appeal to the diverse audience.

Persian Dance


With Sepideh Nayemi

The aims of this course include discovering and developing natural grace, learning to express yourself freely in movement and enjoying dancing to the subtle rhythms and melodies of traditional Persian music.  Summer workshops

Flamenco Dance


With Ana La China

Flamenco is a very structured art form that involves footwork, arm movements and synchronisation.

Gypsy dances


With Pat la Gadji

 This is an intense dance with a pronounced feminine character, which calls on participants to dare to stomp their feet, to frown, to shake the shoulders, twirl their skirts, sway their hips and express what pleases us.

Caucasian dances


With Mariya Khan-Khoskaya

These dances belong to several distinct categories: work dances, ritual dances, military dances and women's traditional dances. Attention is drawn to the upper part of the body: the head, the movements of the arms and hands, as well as the dancer's facial expression.

Sacred danses from Turkey


With Sevil Kara

The aim of this class is to lead each person into an interior world of dance, guided by the popular rhythms that principally originated in the music of Turkey and Kurdistan, to a place that will enable participants to find a movement that connects them with the soul.

Kathak (Banaras Gharana)


With Priscilla Gauri

Kathak classes begin with learning and practicing foot rhythms (tatkar), as well as the vocabulary of synchronised body movements, then diverse choreographies, rhythmic sequences,  as well as invocations to the hindu gods (Bandana).

Afro-Cuban Dance


With Reinaldo “Flecha” Delgado

The dances of Cuban Rumba are rich in variety:  Columbia is considered to be a very ancient type of rumba, which developed from the rhythms of Abakua rituals,  Xambu is a rumba with a slow tempo, Guaguanco is a dance of courtship and a game of seduction.

Capoeira Angola


With Mestre Braga

Capoeira is a game of movements that retell this part of Brazilian history through physical expression and song, which is accompanied by the famous musical arc known as the berimbau.

Afro-brazilian dance


With Luanda Mori

These classes are for those who wish to experiment with a particular approach to dance inspired by Afro-Brazilian culture, in all its symbolic richness and dynamism.

Oriental Dance


With Vivian'Adaya

Viviana sees Oriental dance as a unifying force in its traditional form, because it touches upon one’s deepest being. The dance remains both sacred and feminine for her. She recognises the therapeutic powers of dance and it is with this in mind that she transmits her knowledge.

Balinese Dance


With Sinah Ni Nyoman Tordjman

By teaching the basic techniques and movements of these graceful dances, Sinah Tordjman opens up an incredibly rich cultural and artistic universe for discovery. She is a renowned artist who is passionate about the transmission of this unique patrimony.

Circle Dance


With Regula Büchler

Created to any style of music and from different traditions, Circle Dance invites us to celebrate life in all its richness. To dance, you don’t need any prior knowledge or a partner. There is no age limit. Workshop on 30th March : flyer



With Heidi Rasmussen

Kalarippayatt is, according to legend, the ancestor of martial arts. It is anchored in Kathakali training and is practiced in theatre schools throughout Southern India.



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