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Kathak - Classical dance from North India


With Priscilla Gauri

Kathak is one of the 7 classical dance styles of India. This class will provide an introduction to children from 5 to 12 years old.

Hungarian dances - Children from 8 years


With Pannonia

The group has dancers of all levels, a rich array of cultural backgrounds and differents ages. Pannonia is active in the cultural life of the Geneva area and regularly performs at festivals, shows or parties and organizes “táncház” or “dance-houses” : dance evenings with demonstrations and teaching.

Oriental Dances - Children from 7 years


With Vivian'Adaya

For girls, starting from 7 years

Afro-brazilian dances - From 4 to 8 years


With Yata Dans '

This introductory dance class aims to explore the different possibilities of a body in movement by linking it to natural elements such as water, fire, earth – the elements form the common thread.

Sing the world !


With Heidi Fracheboud

An introduction to singing through different styles of music, rhythms and traditions like bossanova, French variety, as well as African, Italian and Latino songs. Travel around the world through music and songs. No musical knowledge is required.

Japanese percussion: Taiko (from 8 years)


With Remi Clemente

The drums are made of cow skin and heavy, hard carved wood. They’re played with thick sticks and the impact is impressive. Training on the drums follows, as closely as possible, in the style of my Japanese teacher, Tamada-san: warm-up, strike exercises and then pieces.

Bharat Natyam


With Rajshree Suresh

It is a difficult and complex dance, in which each movement of the body (abhinaya) and each hand gesture (mudra) holds symbolic meaning. What appears to be so fluid, graceful and easy demands lengthy training and daily practice.

Flamenco Dance for Children and Adolescents


With Michelle Gagnaux

Classes offer insight into flamenco through rhythm and movement. They are based on warm-ups, feet techniques and arm movements, as well as rhythmic exercises using palmas and other percussion mediums. Linked steps are also taught at a level adapted to the children

Flamenco Dance for Children and Adolescents


With Maud Brulhart

Maud has been teaching flamenco dance to children from the age of 4 through to 12 for several years now and caters to different levels of ability.


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1- Chakam Ensemble - Pishdaramad Homayoun (Faramarz PAYVAR)
2- Hossein Alizadeh & Madjid Khaladj - The art of improvisation
3- Bey.Ler.Bey - Jacasseries
4- Bey.Ler.Bey - Bon sauvage
5- Aziza Brahim - Buscando la paz
6- Aziza Brahim - Baraka
7- Beihdja Rahal - Khlas : Salli Houmoumak
8- Christine Salem - Walé
9- Nyati - Gairo Gwe
10- Svetlana Spajić Group - Polyphonies de Serbie
11- Mónika Lakatos & Romengo - Zsáv Mé Tuté
12- Françoise Atlan & En Chordais - El novio / Le merko skerpines
13- Vocal Iroko - Canto a Elegua
14- María de la Paz - Preludio para el año 3001
15- Aïcha Redouane - Mon repos - Râhâti