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Italian traditional songs - 23 & 24 September 2017


With Marina Pittau

Classes are focused on learning a so-called “natural” technique.  It involves using the chest voice or speaking voice through the development of breathing, voice techniques (timbre, resonance, strength etc) and improvisation.  These skills lead on to the study of Italy and Sardinia’s traditional songs, while remaining open to all other song styles.

The voice in Vibration - 27 septembre


With Frank Kane

Discover the model of vibration and singing voice with practical applications to the traditional polyphonic songs of the Republic of Georgia.

Shômyô - 14 & 15 October 2017


With Junko Ueda

To continue the study of  Shomyo we propose 2 workshops,  for the medium students and  for begginners.

Polyphonics songs from Bulgaria - 4 & 5 November 2017


With Tzvetanka Varimezova

Ce stage  sera l’occasion d’aborder plusieurs chants du répertoire traditionnel bulgare. L’accent sera mis sur la variété des styles régionaux et des configurations polyphoniques, et sur le travail des ornements et du placement typique de la voix.

Traditional Arab Dance


With Nadia Makhlouf

During theses workshops, you will be introduced to different forms of dance: classical, popular, sacred etc, as well as to different traditional rhythms and music. Classes are regularly accompanied by musicians.



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