Tyrolean Yodelling

Héloïse Heïdi Fracheboud

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This year the begginer's lessons will take place monthly, and the Choir "Yodel Atypique" twice a month.

Yodelling – What is it?

Yodelling is present in many regions around the world and is expressed through a diversity of tones and rhythms. The roots of this technique are interwoven with nature (mountains and forest), as well as with the core of the human being.

Yodelling is when a cry becomes a melody that is sometimes nostalgic and meditative in nature or sometimes joyful and festive. It can be raw just as it can be elegant, yet it always has a common end: to express oneself, to share a part of what moves us and to embody the indescribable.


Learning to sing and yodel is first and foremost about leaning to know and explore one’s internal instrument and then forming a special connection with it. It is about cultivating one’s body and voice and progressively discovering the intimate ties that exist between these different elements.

Classes involve:

  • - Discovering one’s instrument by feeling and listening to the body
  • - Breathing techniques and basic vocal techniques
  • - Discovering the repertoire
  • - Improvisation

As yodelling is a “violent” song style that requires great effort from the vocal chords, it is essential to strengthen them. This is why people who have never had any vocal training, or who have done very little, should not expect to be yodelling from the second class.


Born in Geneva, Héloïse "Heidi" Fracheboud grew up and studied there. With a strong artistic fiber, it is relatively early that Heloise began to learn music (piano, solfeggio and singing) as well as dance (classical, creative and flamenco) and theater (improvisation, clown). Classical musical training but the imagination cradled by family stories evoking the youtzes of her grandmother's mother, it is natural that she began to study the technique of yodel. She specializes in the yodel Austrian, German, before exploring the yodel Switzerland, American, African and does not stop there. She performs at different places under the name "Yodeleuse Heidi" and teaches music and singing in private and in various institutions. TV8 Mont-Blanc has devoted two shows.

Adem Montbrillant - 10, rue de Montbrillant - 1201 Genève

1 lesson per month // BeginnersI et II :  Saturdays, 11h-13h30
IIntermediate : Saturdays, 18h-20h30
Advanced :  Saturdays, 14h-17h30

Dates : 

Intermediates (Fridays) : 13 september ; 11 october ; 08 novembrer ; 13 december ; 17 january ; 21 february ; 13 march ; 24 april ; 15 may 
Avancés et débutants II et II (Saturdays) : 14 september ; 12 october ; 09 november ; 14 december ; 18 january ; 22 february ; 4 march ; 25 april ; 16 may

Courses in Lausanne and Martigny: Dates on request

2h30 monthly :  80 CHF (trial lesson)
half-yearly (5 cours) : 400 CHF  
Yearly (10 cours) : 400 CHF
3h30 mensuel :  112 CHF (trial lesson) 
Half-yearly (5 cours) : 560 CHF 
Yearly (10 cours) : 1120 CHF


T : +41 (0) 76 473 72 01
Email :

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