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What is Argentinian tango?

Argentinian tango is an improvised couples dance. Originating in the Rio de la Plata region (Buenos Aires – Montevideo) at the end of the nineteenth century during a massive influx of immigrants, today it is not only representative of the ‘Porteno’ culture but it has also spread across the world, bringing together an increasing number of enthusiasts. Tango is a varied cultural universe: it expresses itself through different forms of art. It is simultaneously music, poetry and dance, and those who enter the tango universe will experience these three forms of expression.  


Monthly group lessons and tango practice

These classes invite participants to discover tango through its various elements, weaving together tango’s music, history and physical aspects. They are aimed at beginners as much as experienced dancers. These classes are aimed at beginners as much as experienced dancers. Come alone or accompanied. Registration is essential. The class is followed by a guided practice session, with live musicians present.


Individul lessons

Tango classes tailored to requirement. Open to one person, a couple or a small group (max 6 people).


Claire Rufenacht

Claire Rufenacht is a dancer and musician who performs with various tango ensembles; she is also art an art therapist, specialising in body expression.

She discovered tango in the 1990s, and left for Buenos Aires to train in tango dance and piano. She has taught tango in Geneva since 2007. She regularly gives workshops, inviting dancers from the world over. She continues her training through regular travel to Buenos Aires and during international festivals in Europe. As an art therapist, she has trained in expressive dance, and different forms of body expression. Her teaching is active and intuitive, seeking to awake an  awareness of the body, with particular attention given to listening to the music, one’s creative potential and partner, all at the same time.

At various intervals, she participates in shows as a dancer and choreographer. She is the founding pianist of Quintette Tango Sueno (2001-2008), and currently plays in two ensembles: the trio "... Y su orquesta" with Pedro Ratto (guitar and vocals), Emmanuel Castan (guitar) and Alain Ray (bandoneon); and in the duo «R&R » in which she plays the melodica, accompanied by Pedro Ratto on vocals and guitar.

In 2008 she obtained a BA; her dissertation explored the poetry of tango. In 2017 she received a diploma in art therapy, with specialisation in dance-therapy. She is particularly interested in the links between tango and art therapy. (

Pedro Ratto is professor of Argentine guitar at Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - see his page

Collective Workshops and Tango Practice with Guest Musicians


44, rue des Maraichers - 1205 Geneva


1 Saturday per month : Workshop : 14h30-16h30  - Practice : 16h30-18h

During the confinment period due to coronavirus: 

Possibility of tango lessons by video conference: body technique, step sequences, musicality, history of music. individual or collective - Infos :

Subjects 2020:

Listen to the great singers of tango, their style and their differences. Understand the notion of "phrasing" for dancing.
With this workshop, we will enjoy the voices of Gardel, Castillo, Podesta and Goyeneche.
We will share moments of listening and anecdotes, before moving on to the body: from the notion of "phrasing", we will set ourselves in motion to interpret the tango while dancing with the breath, the accents, the intention or the "rubato" of the voice.

13 juin: more info to come


60.- workshop + practice with musician (50.- ADEM members, 55 frs  AmA Musique members)
220.- (200 frs for ADEM and AmA Musique  members) the series of 4 workshops + 50 frs ADEM membership -
10.- practice with musicians (5.- ADEM members and AmA Musique  members)
ADEM membership compulsory from the 3rd course

Tel. 077 410 62 53 - at the latest one week before each date.
The workshop takes place from 6 people.

Claire Rufenacht :
Tel. 079 474 47 90  

Individual courses or small groups:

On request

On request

80.- for 1 person 
120.- for 2 people
150.- 3 to 5 people
180.- 6 people

Website :


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